Porsche 944 (2.7 litre) ~ 1988-1989

The original 2.5-litre 944 was discontinued in the USA at the end of the 1988 model year. However, for the rest of the world Porsche produced a 2.7-litre car for a short period. The larger capacity of 2681cc was achieved by enlarging the cylinder bore diameter from 100mm to 104mm. At the same time the compression ratio was increased to 10.9:1, the diameter of the inlet valves went from 45mm to 48mm, the camshaft timing was revised and the water pump flow-rate increased.

The power increase was modest, going up from 163bhp to 165bhp. However, there was a more worthwhile increase in maximum torque, from 205Nm to 225Nm at 4200rpm.

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