Porsche 911 Turbo SE ~ 1986-1989

The Porsche 935 racecars of the late 1970s onwards, were quite obviously based on the 911 but instead of the 911’s distinctive raised front wings, these cars had wings that swept down in line with the bonnet, to aid aerodynamics.

Some buyers of 911s asked for this race-derived look and so in 1981 Porsche began making small numbers of ‘Slant-Nose’ 911 Turbos as one-offs for wealthy customers. Eventually, in 1986 it became an ‘official’ model; or, to be precise, an option (coded M506). The Slant-Nose was called 911 Turbo SE (Special Equipment) in the UK, and 930S in the USA.

From the front the 911 Turbo SE was instantly recognised with its distinctive planed-off wings, which incorporated concealed pop-up headlamps with massive air vents behind, through which cooling air for the brakes escaped.

Below the front bumper was a deeper and squarer front spoiler that incorporated driving lights and an additional, centre-mounted oil-cooler.

Extended sills ran down the sides of the car and met with rear wings that featured massive air intakes with distinctive horizontal strakes. Claimed to vent air to the rear brakes, these were more cosmetic than anything, but did serve to give the SE an extremely aggressive appearance. Porsche 911 Turbo SE 1986-1989

And the 911 Turbo SE had the power to go with the looks. In fact, it boasted a maximum output of 330bhp – 30bhp up on the standard 911 Turbo, although torque remained unchanged. This increase was achieved by means of a larger KKK turbocharger, higher-lift camshafts, higher boost pressure, larger intercooler and a sports exhaust system with four mean-looking outlets. The power could be fed through a limited-slip differential, which was a no-cost option.

The 911 Turbo SE is something that divides enthusiasts. Some love it, others think it an abomination of the 911’s pure lines. Whatever, it’s a rare piece of Porsche history and that 30bhp is not to be sniffed at.

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