Porsche 944S ~ 1986-1988

In the mid-1980s, Porsche was offering its 2.5-litre 944 and 944 Turbo models, and then produced a third 944 to sit between them. This was the 944S of 1986, which used essentially the same bodyshell as the standard 944 of the day; externally the only difference was a ‘944S’ boot badge and ’16 Ventiler’ badges on the front wings. It is these side badges that gave away the secret of this Porsche. The engine retained the same block and capacity of the standard 2.5-litre car, but was fitted with a 16-valve cylinder head which came from the the 5.0-litre 928S. This increased power to 190bhp and torque to 230Nm, while the rev limit went from 6500rpm to 6800rpm. In addition, the engine was claimed to be more efficient and able to run on lower-grade fuel. The 944S was fitted with the stronger 944 Turbo gearbox.

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