Porsche 924 Turbo ~ 1979-1982

Despite being a sales success, the 924 was criticised from the day it was launched for being underpowered. The obvious solution for Porsche, following the success of the 911 Turbo was to come up with a turbocharged version of its entry-level car. This had the internal model number 931 (left-hand-drive) or 932 (right-hand-drive).

The engine was modified and fitted with a KKK K26 turbocharger and an external oil cooler. This gave a respectable output of 170bhp, which went through a racing-style dogleg gearbox.

Brakes were uprated, too, with larger discs at the front, and rear discs in place of the standard car’s drums.

Externally, the Turbo was treated to air vents in the nose, a NACA bonnet duct, a polyurethane rear spoiler, while two-tone paint was a popular option. Wheels were new five-stud, multispoke items.

Note that, although the 924 Turbo went off sale in 1982, it continued to be sold in Italy until 1984, where it offered a tax advantage over the larger-engined 944.

Porsche 924 turbo

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