Porsche 911T (F Series) ~ 1973-1973

By the time the F series came along, the entry-level 911T was becoming more like its more expensive stablemates. The main difference was that it now sported the front spoiler which had become standard fitment across the range. Porsche 911T (F series) 1973

However, the F series 911T deserves a place in Porsche history, in that ones bound for the USA were the first 911s to be fitted with Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection. Also called CIS injection, this all-new system was fundamentally mechanical but did utilise some electronic sensors and overrides. Porsche adopted K-Jetronic because it gave precise injections of fuel as required, thus keeping emissions down and improving economy. It was also a relatively cheap and reliable mechanism. K-Jetronic was to go on to feature more prominently in the 911 range from 1974. Porsche 911T (F series) 1973

For other markets, the 911T used Zenith 40 TIN triple-choke carburettors, which may not have been as efficient as the fuel-injection, but gave the engine a throaty sound. This was the final year that carburettors were fitted to production 911s, so for this reason alone a late 911T is an attractive purchase today.

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