Porsche 911T (E Series) ~ 1972-1972

In line with the 911E and 911S, the entry-level 911T received a boost in engine size to 2341cc (or 2.4-litre to use Porsche’s badging). However a lower compression ratio and Zenith 40 TIN triple choke carburettors in place of fuel injection gave a lower power output of 130bhp. For the US market, however, the T had the same Bosch fuel injection as the other models, which gave it the unusual distinction of being more power than the rest-of-world version, with 140bhp.

This power went through, as standard, a four-speed version of the 915 gearbox, although five speeds were a popular – and very worthwhile – option. Sportomatic was relegated to a special order item.

Inside, the T had a rubber-covered, as opposed to leather, steering wheel but in most respects was similar to the cockpit of the 911E. Porsche 911T ((E series) 1972

Steel wheels remained standard in may markets, but most buyers uprated to the optional – and wider – alloy rims.

In other ways the 911T followed the same upgrade route as the 911E with the – unique for the year – forward-located oil tank with an external flap in the right-hand rear wing.

As with previous incarnations, the appeal of the 911T is the sound of its carburetted engine, but in other ways it’s not the best choice of model in this year – just 130bhp is not a lot compared with, say, the 911S’s much more worthwhile 190bhp. That said, find a good 911T with the external oil-filler flap and you’ll have an affordable classic with quirky appeal.

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